Ben F. Maier

Complex Systems Research and Data Science


I’m a post-doctoral researcher using computational methods to study how humans interact with each other and the world and how that influences society. I have a decade of experience performing quantitative research regarding infectious-disease modeling, network theory, and data science as well as broader interset in complex systems, educational outreach, and algorithmic arts. Having a background in physics, I’m trained in analyzing and visualizing big data sets as well as searching for the fundamental mechanisms that shape a system’s behavior. My current position is with Sune Lehmann in Copenhagen. Previously, I was involved in work that helped shaping Germany’s response to the pandemic at Robert Koch Institute.

You’re cordially invited to investigate my full CV if you’re interested in further information.

Selected Publications

Estimating the share of SARS-CoV-2-immunologically naïve individuals in Germany up to June 2022


B. F. Maier*, A. H. Rose, A. Burdinski, P. Klamser, H. Neuhauser, O. Wichmann, L. Schaade, L. H. Wieler, D. Brockmann

Modeling the impact of the Omicron infection wave in Germany


B. F. Maier*, A. Burdinski, M. Wiedermann, M. an der Heiden, T. Harder, O. Wichmann, F. Schlosser, D. Brockmann

Germany's fourth COVID-19 wave was mainly driven by the unvaccinated


B. F. Maier*, M. Wiedermann, A. Burdinski, P. Klamser, M. A. Jenny, C. Betsch, D. Brockmann

Understanding the impact of digital contact tracing during the COVID-19 pandemic


A. Burdinski*, D. Brockmann, B. F. Maier*

Effective containment explains subexponential growth in recent confirmed COVID-19 cases in China


B. F. Maier*, D. Brockmann

COVID-19 lockdown induces structural changes in mobility networks — Implication for mitigating disease dynamics


F. Schlosser*, B. F. Maier, D. Hinrichs, A. Zachariae, D. Brockmann

Combining clinical epidemiology, NGS-based analysis and modeling approaches to reveal transmission dynamics of vancomycin-resistant enterococci in a high risk population within a tertiary care hospital


B. Neumann*, J. K. Bender, B. F. Maier, A. Wittig, S. Fuchs, T. Semmler, D. Brockmann, H. Einsele, S. Kraus, L. H. Wieler, U. Vogel, G. Werner

Cover time for random walks on arbitrary complex networks


B. F. Maier*, D. Brockmann

Selected Open-Source Software

epipack, Build epidemiological models for analytical and numerical analyses as well as network simulations

netwulf, Interactive visualizations of networks

tacoma, C++ and Python package for the analysis and simulation of temporal networks in continuous time

cMHRN, fast creation of modular-hierarchical, power-law, and regular small-world networks

QSuite, a command-line interface for efficient management and analysis of simulations on compute clusters

binpacking, optimal distribution of weights to containers

fisheye, JavaScript library for local magnification of data in visualizations