Benjamin F. Maier
physicist // PhD student // freelancing data scientist

About me//

Hi! My name is Ben and I'm currently doing a PhD in physics at Dirk Brockmann's lab in Berlin. I'm located at the Robert Koch-Institut but am also affiliated with HU Berlin's physics department and IRI Life Sciences.

My research interest lies in identifying the underlying processes of human contact facilitating the spread of diseases. In particular I'm investigating the influence of structural properties of human contact networks or human transport networks, both of static and dynamic nature.

One of the structures of interest is shown below, a Modular Hierarchical Random Network. I'm curious to find out how certain processes change when the »amount« of hierarchical clustering is varied. Hm, maybe it's not clear what I mean with varying the »amount« ... Try it out yourself! Slide to the left to increase hierarchical clustering, slide to the right and the network structure becomes more random.

μ =


You can take a look at my current CV.